Countryside Nursery & Garden Center has been servicing customers in Northern Delaware and the surrounding areas since 1992.  We’ve been providing contractors as well as DIY homeowners the materials required for installing landscape and hardscaping construction projects.  They include walls, patios, sidewalks, edging, and veneer. We carry both natural and man-made materials.  We are a dealer for CST Pavers, which offer a wide variety of pavers and wall stones in a variety of sizes and colors. We also carry a large variety of bulk stones & boulders.


Bulk Stone Click here for a detailed list.

Boulders – We carry a couple of varieties of boulders ranging from 25 lbs to 4000 lbs

Pavers – We are a dealer for CST Pavers and have access to their full line of products. We offer a wide variety of pavers in different sizes and colors. We have FREE full color catalogs onsite to give you some design inspiration.

Wall StoneCST Pavers also supplies some of our concrete wall stones.  We also carry natural stone in full & half pallets for building garden walls. They include PA Fieldstone, Colonial Gray, Lilac & much more.

Edging Stone – Cobbletones(Belgian Block) is our number one natural edging stone. It comes in gray or pink and various sizes.  We also carry concrete edgers to make your landscape job complete.

Stepping Stone  – We have both natural & concrete stepping stones. If you’re looking to make that irregular walkway or formal patio, we’ve got what you need.  We carry flagstone in various different sizes.


We carry 3 types of bulk soil.

Enriched Topsoil – Finished screened compost blended with native mineral soil and processed to give a fine textured topsoil. Excellent soil for planting.

Premium Compost – Finished mushroom compost. Clump & debris free. Fine texture, dark in color with excellent water holding capability and rich in nutrients. Suitable for amending soil in gardens & landscapes and great for topdressing lawns.

Fill Dirt – Economy soil used for filling in holes or areas where a premium soil is not needed. It is not screened and may contain clumps and possibly some rocks and roots.

We carry a wide variety of bagged soils including

Bumper Crop – Organic soil builder, super premium, all purpose soil amendment. Use it for flower & vegetable beds and planting trees & shrubs. Made with composted cow manure, sphagnum peat, aged bark, worm castings, lobster & crab shells, kelp meal, dehydrated poultry manure & both endo & ecto mycorrhizae. Approved For Organic Gardeners. Our #1 selling soil bag. Available in 1 and 2 cubic foot bags.
Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui9mIadBkNA

Gardeners Gold Potting Soil – Good for all outdoor and indoor container plants! A blend of sphagnum peat moss, composted hen manure, shellfish, perlite and very old dark bark. It is also pH adjusted with lime as needed. This is our signature potting soil – arguably the finest you have ever tried! A rich, earthy blend made with natural and organic ingredients with a special water saving formula. Available in 1 and 2 cubic foot and 16 and 8 quart bags.
Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42r_WSDEhVI

Topsoil – Organic multi-purpose soil blended with composted forest products, dark sand and humus.  This Premium blend is a perfect choice for yard and landscape repair, lawn installations and general landscaping needs. 40 lb. Bag

African Violet SoilCactus SoilOrchid MixPerliteVermiculitePeat Moss


We carry 3 types of bulk mulch

Color Me Black & Color Me Brown – The Dyed Mulches are made strictly from triple-ground virgin hardwood (no pallet wood is used). The mulch is machine dyed and dried to produce the highest quality colorfast mulch available. Our dyed mulches maintain their color year round. The colorants used are safe for people, animals, and the environment.

Hardwood – Natural dark brown fading to medium brown during summer months. Contains no dyes.

We carry 9 types of bag mulches

BlackRedCedarHardwoodPine BarkPine Bark Mini-NuggetsPine Bark NuggetsPine Straw BalesRubber Mulch

We welcome both contractors and homeowners.  Our customer service staff is experienced at helping homeowners in selecting products which best fit their vision and budget.  All customers have the option to pick up materials at our yard or have them delivered.