About Us


Tom Jones
General Manager

Tom has been the Jack of All Trades at Countryside. He started working here in 1989 as a part time grass cutter while in college and has not left us since. He has at one time or another performed every job at Countryside and is our go to guy if we ever need anything. He currently oversees the garden center, the employees and takes care of all of our accounting. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf, bicycling and running triathlons. He is married with 2 stepsons and just recently welcomed his 2nd grandson to the family.


Maria Harris
Annual/Perennial Manager

Maria is in charge of our most stunning and beautiful section of the garden center. She has been running our annual & perennial department since 2004. This area has grown tremendously under her care and is our busiest department. She continues to keep the garden center stocked with color and is always looking for new varieties of flowers. The first thing customers see when they walk into the garden center is how stunning and beautiful everything looks. Maria handles all the ordering and we are constantly amazed how she gets so much color in here in the spring.

Keith Harris
Keith started this business back in 1982 with just a pick-up truck and a couple of lawn mowers. While landscaping was all that Countryside did in the early years, Keith always dreamed about opening a garden center. That dream came to fruition in 1992 when we officially opened in April of that year. Keith has been the visionary behind the expansion of the garden center. Keith has made sure that the garden center is constantly changing with the times and has been growing larger, without sacrificing our excellent customer service.


Darcy Harris
Shrub & Tree Salesperson

Darcy has been with us since 2010 and is every customer’s favorite employee. She is our Energizer Bunny and is always on the move doing something. Her friendly personality and willingness to help has made her one of the best employees we have ever had here at Countryside. While she came to us with little knowledge about plants, she has learned a tremendous amount and is a great resource for those looking to spruce up their landscape. Darcy is very active and enjoys bicycling and running with her husband and spending time with her children.